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Pest Control Services for Homes, Apartments, and Condos

Your home is your haven and where you want to be. But if your home is under attack from insects, rodents or wildlife, you know just how unsettling that can be. We can help. Call us today. We are experts in serving the pest control needs for homes of all sizes and types.

Beautiful Living Room

Our Residential Services Include

  • Elimination of mice, rats, moles, and other rodents
  • Elimination of insects such as ants, Asian lady beetles, bed bugs, flies, spiders, and many more
  • Wildlife trapping and removal

With PPC, you can choose the level of service that seems right for you. Some of our residential customers have been so pleased with our services that they have been PPC customers since we begin the business in 1968. Opt for annual treatments, a monthly maintenance program, or services to resolve a pest problem now.

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We May Ask You to Do a Few Things to Reduce Future Pest Problems. These May Include:
  • Cleaning up food sources or areas that are inviting to pests
  • Removing woodpiles or debris
  • Fixing plumbing leaks, or
  • Repairing structures.

If you don’t follow through with such recommendations, pests may return. At PPC, our goal is to solve your pest control issue now and to prevent it from recurring.

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