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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Do you have questions about pests or pest control? Find answers to your pest questions below.

Why Should We Select PPC Instead of Another Pest Control Company?

We are a family-owned and operated company that began in Madison in 1968. When you call our office during business hours we answer the phone. You don’t get a recording; a real person is on the other end to learn about your pest control issue and to help you resolve the problem.

What Kind of Training Do Your Technicians Receive?

All of our technicians are state-certified and licensed. Our technicians receive monthly in-house training, and they attend the annual educational conference sponsored by the Wisconsin Pest Control Association. We have more than 20 technicians, some of whom are WPCA certified Master Technicians, and more than half of our technicians have been with us for more than 15 years and many have retired following better than 25-30 years of service.

Are There Any Types of Pests That You Will Not Deal With?

We do not deal with snakes, bats, and mosquitoes. In such cases, we can refer you to reliable firms that we have worked with in the past who handle these pests.

Do the Pesticides You Use Post a Danger to People and Pets?

Nearly any ingredient is dangerous if it is applied incorrectly. That’s where training and certification come into play. The pesticides we use today are low in toxicity and are safer than they have ever been. Individual consumers who buy a product such as RAID and spray it without discretion are dangerous. When we apply pesticides we are careful and cautious, and we advise that people and pets remain out of the treated area until the material is dry. The experience and training of our technicians make all the difference when it comes to safety and pesticides.

Do Advertised Ultrasonic Devices Work?

For just a short period of time, they may work. However, insects and rodents will adapt to their environment and will get used to these devices. In fact, some ultrasonic devices you cannot hear at all. So, how do you know if they work? Such devices represent an easy and quick fix. When it comes to pest control, such fixes don’t work.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Asian Lady Beetles and Box Elder Bugs?

Have us treat them on a frequent schedule. Some people opt to treat box elder bugs with soapy water. This will kill them on contact but there is no residual effect. When we treat the residual effect is good: 25-30 days inside and 14-24 days outdoors depending on the weather.

Do You Have Experience in Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

Yes. We were the first company in Wisconsin to begin using the environmentally friendly approach — Thermal Remediation® — to eliminate bed bug infestations. Learn more here.

Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Products?

We use environmentally friendly products a great deal. Thermal Remediation® for bed bug treatments can be pesticide-free. In addition, the exclusion is an environmentally friendly strategy. Exclusion is to pest control what conservation is to energy use. Exclusion helps keep pests out by the use of caulking, expanding foam and steel/copper wool-type products.

If You Come Out to Treat or Otherwise Take Care of a Pest Problem, Will They Come Back?

The short answer is yes they always come back. Nothing is forever in the pest control industry, and this is where many customers opt for a monthly maintenance program. Such a program protects home or business from insects or rodents from coming back. Every home or business is different, so, please call 608-258-3136 for more information.

What Should I Look for in Choosing a Pest Control Firm?

Whether you choose PPC or a competitor, use this as a checklist:

What is the company’s reaction time?

Our reaction time is immediate. When you call PPC during normal business hours, we answer the phone.

How fast can a technician be on-site?

In many cases with PPC, same-day service is possible. However, some problems may take a day or two to schedule depending on your pest issue.

How fast should I expect a callback?

You need answers now. If you have to call a pest control firm and leave a message and it takes them days to call back, how responsive can they really be?

What else should I consider?

Professionalism. Reputation. Experience. Longevity.

How Does the Change of Seasons Relate to Problems With Pests Such As Rodents and Insects?

The seasons do make a difference. In the fall and spring, rodent activity picks up. In the fall they try to get inside for shelter and heat. In the spring they move around more when the snow starts to melt. For insects, there is no winter activity out of doors. Spring weather, however, dictates insect activity. If we have a wet spring we will have earwigs and sowbugs to contend with. If we have a dry spring we’ll have more bees, box elder bugs, and ants.

Are PPC’s Services a One-Time Visit? Or, Do You Require Us to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

When you hire PPC, you are in charge. We will advise you of the optimum level of service given your pest problem. We will do a one-time visit if you request. Not all companies offer such flexibility. With us, you have the choice of:

  • Quarterly service
  • Seasonal service
  • Monthly service
  • One-time service

Services other than one-time require a one-year agreement, and special discounted rates apply. Please call for details.

How Do We Pay for PPC’s Services?

Several options are available including:

  • Cash
  • Pay by auto e-check through our web site on the payment page
  • Auto monthly credit card payment
  • Pay a year in advance with a 5% discount
  • You can also pay the technician at the time of service

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